Real Estate

Why Do You Need a Real Estate Attorney?

Real Estate attorneys help their clients with estate transactions and successfully dealing with the various paperwork and problems associated with them. Specializing in legal issues related to commercial and residential real estate, these lawyers are trained to assist with the issues as they arise. Lawyers help their clients with the transfer, purchase, and sale of the properties. Components of real estate law can also include rental properties, zoning, property development, land use, landlord/tenant disputes, and foreclosures.

Legal advice on zoning violations, property management, restrictions, and value estimates is invaluable. Hiring an attorney that is practiced in the area of real estate eliminates possible errors, and prevents inadequately dealing with crucial issues as they arise. Attorneys can review and prepare essential documents, including drafting deeds, reviewing chain of title, preparing liens against a property, and much more. They are your advocate in negotiating a fair term on the sale and purchase of the property. Working with other attorneys, brokers, investors, and developers, they build relationships that allow them to come to a quick resolution on any issues or concerns.

Lawyers in this field have a variety of responsibilities to their clients with environmental, title, and insurance issues. Should the problem make its way into the court systems, their job is to represent you or your business, participating in the many hearings, documents, and legal pleadings. One of their primary duties is to negotiate and come to a quick settlement agreement.

The ultimate goal of the attorney is to protect the financial loss for their client, whether it is the buyer or seller. We have created a free guide to help educate our clients about what to expect in the real estate process.

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